Knee Treatments & Conditions

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What is the knee joint?

The knee is made up of four bones. The femur or thighbone is the bone connecting the hip to the knee. The tibia or shinbone connects the knee to the ankle. The patella (kneecap) is the small bone in front of the knee and rides on the knee joint as the knee bends. The fibula is a shorter and thinner bone running parallel to the tibia on its outside. The joint acts like a hinge but with some rotation.

Types of Knee Conditions

The knee is made up of important structures and is one of the largest joints in the human body. The most common knee conditions are fractures, dislocation, sprains and tears of soft tissues and ligaments. If you are experiencing pain and swelling it can be the signs of knee injury. Westside Sports Clinic can help to identify the condition and recommend the appropriate treatment.

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